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Orthodontic Treatment

NHS Orthodontic Treatment

Free NHS orthodontic treatment is available to everyone under the age of 19 provided they are in full time education but conditions apply. All NHS patients have to be referred by their own dentist. The NHS has recently tightened up the conditions that apply in order to receive free treatment: Only moderate to severe orthodontic conditions will be funded by the NHS. We can advise you accordingly. Please do not be put off by the new regulations, the vast majority of our patients still qualify for NHS funding.

NHS Orthodontic treatment for Adults

Most adults are treated privately. Even if you do qualify, you may not be offered NHS treatment if it is considered to be too complex or where the outcome is too uncertain. Please ask your dentist about the qualifying criteria or give us a phone to find out more.

Private Orthodontic Treatment

Private Care for Adults

Adult orthodontic treatment has gained popularity with the advent of discreet aesthetic braces, invisible braces and advanced materials which makes the whole process much more appealing. The input is significant but the rewards are immeasurable.

Private Care for the under 19's

Under 19's also qualify for private treatment. The reasons might be to minimize the disruption at school and to help with self esteem. Or, you might be looking for something better? We would be happy to discuss your wishes.

Private Treatment Advatages

Private treatment at Glasgow Orthodontics has its advantages for both adults and children:

  • We ask that you pay a £60 consultation fee to book your first visit.
  • We will then arrange consultation with one of our specialist orthodontists.
  • We will send out a report and quote based on your wishes and treatment need.
  • Treatment can be started as soon as possible after your consultation.
  • Early morning, lunch time and "after school" appointment times are available.
  • "Smart" braces and a highly individualized approach to treatment are only available privately.
  • Option to choose invisible braces, clear ceramic braces and lingual braces.
  • Time built in to appointments to enable two way discussion and involvement.

Your First Visit to Glasgow Orthodontics

At the first visit you will be seen by a specialist orthodontist who will listen to your wishes, examine your teeth and provide a clear explanation of what can be achieved, the type of braces available, their limitations, the time frames, likely discomfort, the need for extractions if indicated and retention. All your questions should be answered at this stage but we appreciate that there may be more questions which will arise. Please either phone reception or arrange a short visit to make sure you are happy before proceeding. You will also receive a detailed report and full treatment cost.

Cost of Private Orthodontic Treatment

In your report you will receive a full treatment cost. The cost will vary according to the difficulty, the likely treatment duration, the need for braces in one or both dental arches and the possible need to close extraction spaces or open spaces for implants or bridges. We also offer an easy payment plan to spread the cost of your treatment. The full cost of treatment has to be met before the braces are removed.



Orthodontic Treatment

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